Looking for Bed Liner Product or Rhino Lining for you pickup? Look no further!


Durable spray-on bedliners
Xtreme liners is a unique blend of polyurea and polyurethane called X-55. It’s the toughest and nicest truck bed protection, period. It’s sprayed at a high pressure of 2500 psi, high temperature, and is mixed one-to-one at the spray tip where it collectively mixes perfectly before exiting the gun and landing on the truck bed.


There, the chemical reaction makes the temperature rise even further and forces the liner to dry in just over 5 seconds. Most trucks get around 5 gallons of material and it’s ready to use the same day. All liners get a lifetime warranty.


We are an authorized installation provider for Ford, Dodge, and Toyota. Our bed liner technicians have all received factory authorized training. We can spray almost anything, and in almost any color, including jeeps, motorcycles, and boats, We’re not afraid to tackle any job.

It sets in seconds and cures quickly.  It can be used the same day!


* Impact Resistant – Our tough, durable coating is impact absorbing and flexible. It won’t chip, crack, warp or peel.

* Prevents Rust & Corrosion - It creates a moisture proof barrier which eliminates the possibility of rust or corrosion.

* Chemical Resistant - Coatings prevents damage from gas, motor oil, fertilizer or whatever you haul.

* Reduces Load Slippage - The great-looking, sound-dampening textured surfaced reduces load slippage.

* No Loss of Space - Coatings follows the contours of the truck bed and does not affect cargo capacity.

* No Restricted Use of Accessories - Our application leaves access to tie downs and other accessories.